Hontai Judo Club

Hontai Judo is a relatively small judo club with about 120 members, most of them between 5 and 18 years of age. We have been active since the beginning of 1990 in the northeast suburb of Puistola in Helsinki, the capital of Finland.

The club was founded and is still actively run by Satu and Staffan Lindgren, who together now (autumn 2015) have nearly 90 years of experience in judo, dating back to the early days of university judo at PoJu (Polytechnical Judoclub) and FinnDai (Helsinki University Judo Club).

The aim of Hontai Judo is to act as a local neighbourhood club for all young and grown ups alike. We feel that especially those who have difficulties in coordination benefit most from practicing judo, and we try to actively encourage these 'hopeless cases' to continue with judo. Every little step forward is a big step for them, and brings a big sense of success also to their instructors. Our club is definitely not a place where only the talented survive!

Another aim of our club is to activate our members to participate also in events outside our dojo, thus strengthening their self-esteem and confidence. Our club has succeded in this so well that we for many years topped the attendance statistics for the Southern region of Finland!

While remaining true to our original goals and still preserving our small and intimate neighbourhood club image, we have nevertheless accepted bigger and bigger challenges over the years, organizing competitions and events on all levels and steadily advanced in the Finnish Judo Associations club classification, which takes into account all aspects of judo activities. Hontai Judo Club was named Club of the year in April 2000 by the Finnish Judo Association!

For more information contact Staffan Lindgren by email staffan at hontaijudo dot fi or by phone +358-40-508 3885.

Address: Hontai Judo Club
Ohjaskuja 6
Dojo: (click here for a map!)
Lampputie 4