Hontai Judo Timer & Score Board v. 1.03

Every function is activated with a single mouse click!

Run on a Pentium PC with Windows 9x or NT.
A laptop with a big second screen directed towards the mat is the ideal configuration,
that is, unless you happen to have a data projector available ;-)

Use a display resolution of 640*480 to fill the whole screen!

Download a trial version:

Trial version restrictions:
  • Program ends after first fight, so you have to start it again
  • Only 2 or 3 minute match times possible
  • Normal Osaekomi holding times disabled, two shorter versions available
  • Trial version flag
Version updates:
v. 1.0327.3.2001Log entries for Osaekomi outcome corrected, and wrong way to cancel penalties disabled
v. 1.0226.3.2001IPPON! and SOREMADE signs made to disappear after a short time
v. 1.0124.3.2001Ne-waza SONOMAMA situation on overtime corrected