The Nordic Judo Kata Council, the Finnish Dan-Collegium and Ålands Judoklubb organized the

3rd Nordic Judo Kata Open Tournament
on September 10th, 2011, in Mariehamn on Åland Islands, Finland

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Tournament director Eva Fellman and head of judges + technical director Staffan Lindgren were very pleased with the level of kata of the winners. Also a big THANK YOU to all the participants and volunteers, who helped make this an unforgettable event.

The event was widely noticed in all public media on the Åland islands.

A total of 23 pairs took part in the competition.
The best performers were Pasi Oinas and Mika Salsoila from Finland, who took gold both in nage-no-kata and katame-no-kata. Pasi also took silver as uke in kime-no-kata together with Jouni Korkka.

Diego Velasco from Sweden also showed mastery of several kata by winning the kime-no-kata competition together with Markku Pihl, and placing second in nage-no-kata, where Emanuel Velasco was his uke.

1. Pasi Oinas - Mika Salsoila FIN
2. Diego Velasco - Emanuel Velasco SWE
3. Jussi Nikander - Jouni Lahtinen FIN
1. Pasi Oinas - Mika Salsoila FIN
2. Mikko Tuominen - Samu Laitinen FIN
3. Juha Turunen - Paavo Häkkinen FIN
1. Diego Velasco - Markku Pihl SWE
2. Jouni Korkka - Pasi Oinas FIN
3. Harri Rutanen - Sonny Forsberg SWE
1. Jonna Marttila - Henna Ahola FIN
2. Eric Vanay - Didier Fischli SUI
3. Johann Moos - Raymonde Veuthey SUI
A closer check of the results sheet showed an unfortunate error, which resulted in a wrong result for 3rd place in ju-no-kata :( This has now been corrected!

Kodokan Goshin-jutsu:
1. Seppo Kontio - Marko Kallio FIN
2. Jussi Nikander - Jouni Lahtinen FIN
3. Sonny Forsberg - Harri Rutanen SWE

Nordic Open Kata result sheet (pdf)
Results with links to individual performances

Jonna Marttila and Henna Ahola from Finland took gold in ju-no-kata