The Finnish Judo Federation and Tikkurila Judo Club
organized the

5th Nordic Open Judo Kata Tournament
on Saturday, August 24th 2013 in Helsinki/Vantaa, Finland
A total of over 50 kata enthusiasts from six countries had gathered to compete in one ore more kata at the fifth Nordic Open Judo Kata Tournament, which was held in Vantaa.

The weekend included also an Open kata training session on Friday evening and an advanced Ju-no-kata course on Sunday, both conducted by the current ju-no-kata European champions Wolfgang Dax-Rohmswinkel and Ulla Loosen from Germany.

The practical arrangements for the whole weekend were done by Tikkurila Judo Club while Staffan Lindgren acted as competition manager and supervisor of the judges. The tournament judges were Peter Martin and Åke Bransell from Sweden, Astrid Machulik from Germany, and Jaakko Hannula, Hannu Mustonen, Peter Mickelsson and Arttu Laitinen from Finland.

For a complete lists of results click here. You can see the individual points for all techniques for all pairs by clicking on the appropriate link.

Kodokan Goshin-jutsu
1. Seppo Kontio FIN/TIK - Marko Kallio FIN/TIK
2. Jussi Nikander FIN/LOH - Jouni Lahtinen FIN/LOH
3. Oliver Maquin FRA - Eric Truong FRA

1. Wolfgang Dax-Rohmswinkel GER - Ulla Loosen GER
2. Henna Ahola FIN/TIK - Jonna Marttila FIN/TIK
3. Maarit Kallio FIN/FND - Annikka Mutanen FIN/FND

1. Pasi Oinas FIN/TIK - Mika Salsoila FIN/TIK
2. Juha Turunen FIN/TIK - Paavo Häkkinen FIN/TIK
3. Mikko Tuominen FIN/HOL - Samu Laitinen FIN/HOL

1. Pasi Oinas FIN/TIK - Mika Salsoila FIN/TIK
2. Jussi Nikander FIN/LOH - Jouni Lahtinen FIN/LOH
3. Ossi Tauriainen SWE - George Vuger SWE

1. Harri Rutanen SWE - Sonny Forsberg SWE
2. Marko Ryyppö FIN/HOL - Juha Alaluukas FIN/HOL
3. Tapani Koskinen FIN/HEI - Juha-Pekka Kolehmainen FIN/HEI

Henna Ahola lifts Jonna Marttila in ju-no-kata

Wolfgang Dax-Rohmswinkel and Ulla Loosen held a very good ju-no-kata course which was attended also by the kata judges ;-)