Nordic Judo Kata Open Tournament 2017

The 9th Nordic Judo Kata Open Tournament was arranged on August 19th 2017 in the Helsinki region in Finland. The event was organized by Mr. Juha Turunen of Tikkurila Judo Club and Mr. Staffan Lindgren of Hontai Judo Club and the Kata Commission of the Finnish Judo Association

This tournament again provided serious kata competitors with a chance to compare their performance with others just six weeks before the Kata World Championships to be held in Olbia on Sardinia in early October 2017.

We also continued our tradition of kata workshops and seminars in conjunction with the kata tournament. German kata experts Wolfgang Dax-Romswinkel 7.d and Ulla Loosen 6.d conducted an interesting kata seminar on Sunday, Aug 20th, going through both judo and kata fundamentals as well as comparing how the different kansetsu-waza techniques are performed in the different kata. The competition, the Friday workshop and the seminar on Sunday as well as the traditional dinner cruise in the archipelago offered an exellent chance to get together with old and new friends.


1. Pasi Oinas 3.d TIK - Mika Salsoila 4.d TIK420.082 %
2. Ari Peltonen 1.d LAH - Jani Penttilä 1.k HOL326,564 %

1. Pasi Oinas 3.d TIK - Mika Salsoila 4.d TIK422,583 %
2. Kelly Palmer 5.d Canada - Johanna Sivunen 2.d TIK398,078 %
2. Juha Turunen 2.d TIK - Pekka Väyrynen 2.d TIK394,577 %
4. Caroline Bergström 2.d Sweden - Julia Hamilton 3.d Sweden377,074 %
5. Leo Mononen 2.d KOT - Jorma Paasi 2.d KOT367,572 %

1. Marko Ryyppö 3.d HOL - Juha Alaluukas 2.d HOL533,581 %
2. Pasi Oinas 3.d TIK - Kelly Palmer 5.d Canada524,579 %
2. Markku Henttonen 2.d HYV - Pia Palosvirta 1.d HYV486,074 %

1. Wolfgang Dax-Rohmswinkel 7.d Germany - Ulla Loosen 6.d Germany454,089 %
2. Pasi Oinas 3.d TIK - Kelly Palmer 5.d Canada377,574 %
3. Eva Kellner 1.k SWE - Anna Lindgren 1.k SWE
365,068 %
4. Willy Verdrengh 1.d SWE - Gösta Andersson 1.d SWE335,566 %

   Kodokan Goshin -jutsu
1. Jussi Nikander 1.d LOH - Jouni Lahtinen 1.d LOH557,581%
2. Keijo Saarelainen 4.d KOT - Jorma Paasi 2.d KOT496,572 %
3. Julia Hamilton 3.d SWE - Caroline Bergström 2.d SWE466,568 %

Staffan Lindgren, 6.d Hontai Judo, Finland supervisor
Åke Bransell, 6.dGävle Judoklubb, Sweden
Hannu Mustonen, 5.dTikkurila Judo Club, Finland
Jaakko Hannula, 4.dHontai Judo, Finland

Ulla Loosen and Wolfgang Dax-Romswinkel instructed Juha Turunen and Pekka Väyrynen during the Friday workshop.

Kelly Palmer from Canada competed in three different kata, and got three silver medals with local partners!

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