Finnish Judo Association

7th Nordic Judo Kata Open Tournament
22.8.2015 Vantaa FINLAND

The 7th Nordic Judo Kata Open Tournament took place on August 22nd in the northern suburbs of Helsinki. This year a total of 25 pairs competed, with many pairs faihtfully returning for their second or third visit to Finland. The reigning World and European champions in Ju-no-kata, Wolfgang Dax-Rohmswinkel and Ulla Loosen did again a very fine kata. On Friday evening they held a ju-no-kata workshop and on Sunday they conducted a well attended seminar in Koshiki-no-kata. Saturday evening the traditional dinner cruise around the eastern parts of the Helsinki archipelago was favored by perfect weather conditions ;-)

Clicking on the points link will show you the individual scores of each technique.
1.Wolfgang Dax-Rohmswinkel GER - Ulla Loosen GER 447 88 %
2.Henna Ahola FIN/TIK - Jonna Marttila FIN/TIK 394 77 %
3.Gord Okamura CAN - Kelly Palmer CAN 371 73 %
4.Felix Martin GER - Birgit Martin GER 358 70 %

Kodokan Goshin-jutsu
1.Jussi Nikander FIN/LOH - Jouni Lahtinen FIN/LOH54579 %
2.Reta Tschopp SUI - Ariane Wütrich SUI51174 %
3.Astrid Machulik GER - Marcus Nietner GER50974 %
4.Gord Okamura CAN - Kelly Palmer CAN50373 %
5.Felix Martin GER - Bodo Kraus GER48670 %
6.Johanna Sivunen FIN/TIK - Antti Heinonen FIN/MEI46768 %

1.Kelly Palmer CAN - Gord Okamura CAN39277 %
2.Pasi Oinas FIN/TIK - Mika Salsoila FIN/TIK38876 %
3.George Vuger SWE - Ossi Tauriainen SWE37874 %
4.Juha Alaluukas FIN/HOL - Marko Ryyppö FIN/HOL37674 %
5.Ralf Ahlskog FIN/TIK - Pekka Väyrynen FIN/TIK37473 %
6.Johanna Sivunen FIN/TIK - Antti Heinonen FIN/MEI35069 %
7.Petri Kuivalainen FIN/HOL - Ari Peltonen FIN/LAH33666 %
8.Ville Taka FIN/HON - Heikki Joensuu FIN/TIK32564 %

1.Marko Ryyppö FIN/HOL - Juha Alaluukas FIN/HOL50577 %
2.Ariane Wütrich SUI - Reta Tschopp SUI46671 %

1.Pasi Oinas FIN/TIK - Mika Salsoila FIN/TIK40980 %
2.Jussi Nikander FIN/LOH - Jouni Lahtinen FIN/LOH39076 %
3.Ossi Tauriainen SWE - George Vuger SWE39076 %
4.Jukka Heino FIN/TAM - Antti Torkko FIN/TAM34568 %
5.Tuomas Konttinen FIN/HON - Lari Luhtanen FIN/HON33666 %

The kata judges were Hannu Mustonen (FIN), Mikko Tuominen (FIN),
Åke Bransell (SWE), Jean-Pierre Ryser (SUI), Jaakko Hannula (FIN)
and Staffan Lindgren (FIN), who acted as the judges supervisor.

The next Nordic Judo Kata Open Tournament will probably be held
in southern Sweden in August 2016. See you there?