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The 6th Nordic Judo Kata Tournament was held in Gothenburg at the Valhalla Sports center on August 23rd, 2014. The competition was organized by three clubs from the Gothenburg judo district with Jan Mark de Haan acting as competition manager.

A total of 28 pairs representing 5 countries participated, with the biggest teams coming from Sweden and Finland (9 pairs each), followed by Germany (5 pairs), Norway (3 pairs) and Switzerland (2 pairs).

The German team took two gold medals (katame- and ju-no-kata) and two silver medals (katame-no-kata and Kodokan Goshin-jutsu). Finland was second with likewise two gold medals (nage- and kime-no-kata) and one silver medal (ju-no-kata). Switzerland placed third in the medal statistics with one gold medal ( Kodokan Goshin-jutsu) and one bronze medal (ju-no-kata). Sweden took two silver medals (nage- and kime-no-kata) and three bronze medals (katame- and kime-no-kata, Kodokan Goshin-jutsu) while Norway took one bronze medal (nage-no-kata).

On Sunday, August 24th, a kata course was held with the current European ju-no-kata champions Wolfgang Dax-Rohmswinkel (7.d) and Ulla Loosen (6.d) from Germany acting as teachers. This advanced course concentrated on nage-no-kata and ju-no-kata, but contained a lot of interesting comparisons between how similar techniques are done in the other Kodokan kata.

Thanks to you all for a very nice kata weekend!

The 7th Nordic Judo Kata Open Tournament will be held on August 22.-23. 2015 in Vantaa, Finland.

See you there!       Staffan Lindgren





Kodokan Goshin-Jutsu