Welcome to Finland
18. - 20.8.2017

The 9th Nordic Judo Kata Open Tournament will be arranged on August 19th 2017
in the Helsinki region in Finland.

Links to the earlier Nordic Judo Kata Open Tournaments:

1st NJKOT 2009: Borås Sweden
2nd NJKOT 2010: Helsinki Finland
3rd NJKOT 2011: Mariehamn, Åland Islands (Finland)
4th NJKOT 2012: Gothenburg, Sweden
5th NJKOT 2013: Helsinki/Vantaa, Finland
6th NJKOT 2014: Skurup, Sweden
7th NJKOT 2015: Helsinki/Vantaa, Finland
8th NJKOT 2016: Helsinki/Vantaa, Finland